Discover the Premier Bed Sheets for Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed is the ultimate comfort, designed to improve your quality of life… that can be ruined if you don’t have the right sheets.

Common fitted sheets simply aren’t designed to keep up with the movements of an adjustable bed. That means sheets can come loose, bunch up or pop off the corners of your mattress – disrupting your sleep and ruining your mornings by making you constantly adjust your bedding to keep it in place. Fortunately, Huckleberry Home has the answer!

Huckleberry Home is the place to go for custom, premium bedding products. From flat sheets and fitted sheets to pillowcases and duvets, Huckleberry Home will custom create your ideal bedding in any size or shape and from a variety of soft, breathable, and environmentally friendly fabrics, including 100% cotton sateen and percale. So, you get made-to-order bed sheets, tailored specifically to fit your particular adjustable bed. 

Our Unique Features

But custom sizing is only part of the magic. Huckleberry Home bed sheets can also include innovative design features that further prevent them from popping off your mattress as your bed moves up and down. These include our proprietary Stay-Tuck Wings and Anchor-Tite Corners.

Stay-Tuck Wings are additional pieces of fabric that tuck secretly and securely under your mattress on both sides, adding extra taut strength and helping keep the fitted sheet from slipping or riding up on the sides of your mattress.

Anchor-Tite Corners are 2″ elastic straps that run diagonally under each corner of the mattress which keep the corners of your fitted sheet in place no matter how much you adjust your bed up or down. Combined with custom sizing and the highest quality cotton fabrics and elastics, you can rest easy knowing that your bed sheets will both feel amazing and stay securely in place all night long.

But even with all this, there are still more options you can add to maximize your quality of life and comfort, like Convenience Pockets. Most adjustable beds today come with a remote control. But keeping track of all the remotes and devices of modern life can be a challenge of its own. By adding Convenience Pockets to your custom bed sheets, you’ll always have a place to store your adjustable bed remote, TV remote, cell phone, reading glasses, nighttime flashlight, or any other small items you may want to keep close at hand while you sleep. You choose where to place the pockets on either the left, right, or both sides of your fitted bed sheets—it’s all up to you and your preferences. 

Full and Partial-Split Beds

Huckleberry Home can even custom design fitted sheets for full-split and partial-split adjustable bed layouts. For those in the know, a split bed design can be a perfect solution if you and your partner have different preferences in how you want to position each side of your bed. But while this can double your comfort, it can also double your headache if you don’t get the right fitted sheets for a dual format.

The good news is that the experts at Huckleberry Home are masters at tailoring the right fit for every situation, including this one. For example, if you order a sheet set for a full-split queen-size bed, you’ll receive two separate and specially designed fitted sheets (one for each side of your bed), plus a matching queen-size flat sheet and two pillowcases (all made per your specifications from any of our four premium cotton materials). Alternatively, if you have a partial-split mattress, we can custom tailor fitted sheets and bedding that match the exact split dimensions you need, with extra support to ensure your sheets still fit perfectly and always stay in place. 

Even if you haven’t made the jump to an adjustable bed, Huckleberry Home’s bed sheets are still a great choice. Our specially designed sheets for adjustable beds can also be used on any traditional mattress for added precise fit, comfort and convenience. The same innovative features that make our bedding stay in place on adjustable beds are a great solution for anyone who has ever struggled with regular fitted sheets that simply won’t stay secure.

Measure your Mattress for a Perfect Fit

All Huckleberry Home bedding is made-to-order in the USA, so even if you have a deep-pocket or low-profile mattress, or an unusual shape or size bed, we can custom tailor the very best sheets, mattress pads, comforters, pillowcases, and more, to fit your exact mattress and your lifestyle.

To ensure that your new custom bedding fits your mattress properly, you’ll want to measure the width of your mattress from side to side, the length of your mattress from the head to the foot of your bed, and the thickness of your mattress we commonly call the depth (not including the box spring or adjustable base of your bed). Be sure to also tell us any other important details, like if your mattress is fully or partially split. If it’s partially split, you’ll need to also measure the length of the split. Finally, you’ll need to determine your choice of fabric for your new bedding (organic cotton flannel, cotton percale, or cotton sateen offered in our 300 thread count and 500 thread count qualities). To help you make that important decision, we’re happy to send you free fabric swatches at your request. Most orders are cut, sewn and shipped within 5 business days.

Whether you’re a proud owner of an adjustable bed, looking to buy an adjustable bed, or just want the ultimate bed sheets available for your health and comfort, Huckleberry Home is your solution for premium, American made products that fit your bed and your lifestyle. Check out all our options at and then give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions at all. We are fully confident that no matter your needs, we can find the right solutions for you to get the best night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of.